We have composed a list of questions and answers about LearningFuze for prospective students to clarify the specifics of the program. But please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have other questions!

What is LearningFuze?

LearningFuze is focused on developing learning technologies and methodologies. We have taken concepts proven to work in accelerating skill development and have created the LearningFuze Web Development Training Bootcamp.

Full Immersion Tuition

We have many flexible payment plans that help you afford the tuition of our full immersion program which includes free access to the part time preparation classes (Root) for accepted students. There is a $250 seat reservation fee that is non-refundable and is applied towards the total cost of tuition.

90-Day Full-Immersion Tuition: $12,995 (Average Tuition after Discounts: $11,570)

Available Discounts:
  • Up Front Tuition Payment Discount = $500
  • Early Registration Discount = $500
  • Women and Veterans Scholarship = $500
Available Scholarships:
  • CS Bachelor's or Associate's Degree Scholarship (Completed Degree) = $1,000
  • Graphic Design Skills Scholarship (Completed Degree or Work Experience) = $1,000
Available Credits (applied against full immersion tuition):
  • Cost of Root Level 1 (Full Immersion Prep Class) = $95
  • Cost of Root JS (Full Immersion Prep Class) = $95
  • Cost of online programs taken prior to LearningFuze = $250 (up to this amount)

Lending Partner Options

A lender exclusively focused on the bootcamp model of education. Skills Fund partners solely with bootcamps that have quality curriculum and strong student outcomes.

  • Low interest-only payments during the program plus 2 months following
  • 36 or 60 month loans to cover tuition plus cost of living
  • No income, employment or educational criteria used in underwriting
  • Same low interest rates regardless of credit score or individual financial situation
  • No prepayment penalties and cosigner options if needed
  • For more information or to apply Click Here

*Note: Up-front payment discount does not apply with use of 3rd party lending partners

Additional Payment Options

  • 12 month payment plan. Monthly payment of $799.58 with $6,000 down payment. Total cost $15,595.
Learn About the Program

What is the LearningFuze Web Developer Bootcamp?

Pre-Cohort - complete Prep classes

12 weeks in-class (10:00am - 6:00pm+)

As a general overview, these are the areas we will cover:

  • HTML5/CSS3
  • JavaScript/jQuery + frameworks
  • MVC Framework and Agile development
  • GitHub Source Control
  • Design Patterns, working in teams, and more...

Is this right for me?

Development bootcamps have undergone rapid growth in the several years since the first one was founded about 5 years ago and the Department of Education has even recognized intensive bootcamp-style training programs as an “innovative model of education.” The number of students stepping up to the challenge has skyrocketed, but there is a big difference between being interested in a new challenge and being ready for that challenge. So, what kinds of people might be ready? Let’s meet four of them.

  1. Anyone Who Likes To Build / Create / Assemble Stuff --- Ask any group of computer professionals what they love most about their jobs, and – among the varied responses – you’re likely to hear a similar refrain: the sense of enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from actually building something. Web developers are builders, creators, and makers. They go home each evening with tangible evidence of what they accomplished. If you’re someone who appreciates actually seeing the real world results of your efforts, you’ll find plenty of company at the nearest code school.

  2. Anyone Who Enjoys Learning --- Do you have a relentless curiosity about the world around you? Are you on Wikipedia regularly? Is your Google search history filled with questions about random things? Have you ever taken something apart just to see if you can put it back together? If so…welcome home! Coding schools are perfect for those with curious minds and a thirst for knowledge.

  3. Anyone Who Wants To Be Wanted (Professionally Speaking) --- Wouldn’t it be nice to work in an industry that is actually growing? Computer science is one of the fastest growing and best paying segments of the American economy. Students with 4-year computer science degrees have not kept up with the demand and this is especially true in California where there have been far fewer computer science graduates than open computing jobs. Alumni from LearningFuze have had great success filling these positions in Orange County, Los Angeles, and across the country.

  4. Anyone Who Knows The Value Of A Good Coach --- Even if you possess an innate drive to learn, it can still be nice to have someone there to teach you what’s important and who you can ask questions of. Or maybe you just want someone to give you a swift kick or pep talk when you feel like quitting! Think of it like working out with a personal trainer as opposed to going it alone. That’s what LearningFuze’s experienced team provides. Someone to show you what you don’t know, to keep you on track, and to push you further and faster than you ever believed you could go.

If you don’t fall into any of these categories but have a strong interest in becoming a web developer, contact us to find out whether or not the program would be a good fit for you.

Are you one of the types of people listed? Come check out LearningFuze’s next Info Session (attend in person in our Orange County facility or online via Google Hangouts) or contact us with any questions!

Application Requirements

  • 18 years of age or older
  • High school diploma
  • Possess a laptop
  • Apply to the program
  • Setup discussion with admissions counselor upon receiving application approval
  • Pursue your dream with unwavering passion!

Do I need programming experience?

You do not need any prior programming experience. However please see our recommendations to prepare for the bootcamp and get the most out of the instruction.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, you may elect to cancel the course at any time up to the end of the first week of the 12 week in-class session (week 1). Students are also eligible for a prorated refund.

**However, the seat reservation fee is non-refundable.

What continued education classes are provided by LearningFuze for full immersion students?

Once accepted into the full immersion program students are essentially a part of the program for life! Students have access to all courses for free including all modules in the part time program. This is to assist students with brushing up on their skills or learning new skills at any time.

Is this a certification or an accredited program?

No. We basically train you through our new methods to accelerate specific skill development in the shortest amount of time possible. We built the curriculum based on what companies and employers are actually looking for and train students to a point coding becomes second nature.

Do you help me find a job after graduation?

Yes, we have built and continue to build a network of employers and staffers in the LA/OC/IE area. As you progress during the course, you will find you have an affinity towards certain things…say back-end coding compared to front end user-experience. Based on your progress, preferences and committed engagement to the post program process we will find the right job opportunities and connect you with those companies.

Does LearningFuze have access to internships at the conclusion of the 12 week full immersion program?

Yes, we have relationships with employers in the Orange County area that offer multiple student internships at the conclusion of the program.

What are your guarantees?

With our recent graduates securing employment and our connections to employers continuing to grow rapidly, we are confident anyone who finishes the program successfully can obtain a position in the industry. We actually can’t keep up with the demand as we have employers asking for more graduates and even hiring students before they finish the program.

We take the employment aspect of the program very seriously and will not stop until student’s have secured a position. We will work to connect them with the open positions in the marketplace and companies in which we have developed a relationship. Having said that, students have the option of receiving a prorated refund on their tuition up until the end of the first week of the in-class session (week 2) if they are not satisfied with the program or not able to continue with the program for whatever reason.

Do I have to take the job or can I go on my own?

We understand that some of you are doing this to get a high paying career opportunity, but some of you want to do this so that you could work on your own ideas. It’s up to you, we don’t discourage either one, and we will support and mentor you even after you have graduated from the program.