Technical Assessment Sample

Technical Assessment Sample Questions

What is the difference between the following CSS display values:

block, inline, inline-block

Create 2 separate CSS rules for the code below:

  1. The first and second paragraph text colors must be blue
  2. The last paragraph must be double the font size of the other two and have a dark green color
<div class="md-text">
    <p>The little boy was sad he couldn't keep the puppy.</p>
    <p>His parents told him he could get a puppy if he brought his grades up.</p>
    <p id="lg-text">Three weeks later the boy got a new puppy!</p>

Assign an empty JavaScript array into a variable called:


Add the following values to the above array:

Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, White

What is the difference between the following JavaScript operators:

'=' , '==', and '==='