Module 1: UI/UX Design Module 1

Kickstart your design career.

Learn the fundamentals of UI/UX Design.

Module 1 Description

User Experience (UX) Design is the process for understanding and solving user problems and enhancing the user experience through the effective development of digital products. In this hands on, project oriented 12-week part-time course, we will go deep into the fundamentals of design thinking, user experience design and interface design as the first step in launching your career in the industry.

About LearningFuze UI/UX design course

Build Your UI/UX Portfolio

At the end of this course, you'll have multiple UX deliverables and a project prototype to include in your online portfolio.

Software Design Knowledge

You'll learn how to use design tools, including Figma to create interactive prototypes.

Impress Future Employers

In a rapidly growing industry, UX designers are more desirable than ever. After completing this course, you'll be able to take your skills into the job market.

Course Features & Topics

This 12-week course has been designed to maximize learning around the fundamental concepts related to User Experience Design on a part-time basis. The following is a week by week summary of the topics covered in the course:

Week 1: What is UX Design?
Intro to User Experience Design, Terminology, and Process
Week 2: Research
User Research, Customer Surveys, and Market Analysis
Week 3: Empathize
User Flow, Ideal Task Scenario, and Customer Feedback
Week 4: Information Architecture
Understanding Information Architecture (IA) through sitemaps and navigation structures
Week 5: Intro to Software (PT 1)
Intro to Professional Design Tools
Week 6: Wireframing and Prototyping
Design layout, wireframing, and create low, mid, and high fidelity designs
Week 7: Paper Prototyping
Ideation, more user feedback, and transition from paper to Figma
Week 8: Intro to Software (PT 2)
Project Time! Creating a clickable prototype based on the design process
Week 9: Test
Time to use Figma for testing the prototype!
Week 10: Validate
Gather deliverables, compile thoughts, and begin drafting your portfolio
Week 11: Final Project Work
Capstone project that will pull all of your design skills together like a professional
Week 12: Demo Day
Present your projects to the class, instructors, and more!

Weekly Schedule

Students are expected to be able to commit between 15 to 20 hours per week including instructional hours. This course is optimally structured for in-person participation at our campus facility in Irvine, CA. However, we have built in the flexibility to allow online participation when necessary.

7PM - 9PM
7PM - 9PM
1PM - 5PM

Why LearningFuze's UI/UX Design Course?

UI/UX Collaborative environment

Collaborative Environment

Learn in a work-like collaborative environment with other motivated, aspiring designers. Students will learn from seasoned professionals that are not only there to teach but to provide mentorship and guidance to best prepare students for the exciting world of design.

UI/UX design course with flexible schedule

Flexible Schedule

The program is designed to accommodate the busy schedule of the students with class times that takes place two times during the week and in the afternoon on Saturday. Students get the most out of the program by participating in-person as is the case when learning anything. However, we understand that the unexpected can happen during the course of a week which is the reason we offer the option of taking any particular session online.

Employment ready design demo

Learn Employment-Ready Skills

User research, wireframing and user testing are just a few of the skills you will be able to bring to the job interview or to add to your current skill set whether you are in development, marketing or any other tech related position.

Course Information

UI/UX students collaborating



Must be 18 years of age

Must have a laptop


READING: Design Thinking

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$300 - Early Registration Discount

Special Alumni Offer

UI/UX Module 1 Cost: $500

This special rate is available for our Full Time or Part-Time LearningFuze Alumni. You can qualify to take UI/UX Module 1 after completion of a Full Time course or a single Part Time Module.

With Judy's experience in the Web Development Program combined with her new UX knowledge from Module 1 she was able to land a role where so many other candidates fell short.
Alumna Judy

Don't Wait!

The sessions are conducted in-person at our facility but students can participate online if needed to accommodate busy schedules.

Module 1

UI/UX Design Module 1


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